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Busted, Hussie. Busted.



does this mean dave isn’t white or

I don’t see why this is a problem? So he’s realized his mistake and is fixing it? He’ll probably talk to us about it later?

This kind of antagonistic nose-in-the-air, holding someone down for something in the past crap is what is tiring me out about this debate right now. Raising problems is fine, just don’t be a dick. Let him respond. Let him make things right.

Why is everyone making such a big deal out of this anyway? He said we can imagine them as whatever race we want, so I think it’s nice that he’s fixing those things so we can continue to do so.

Or do people really think every action made by Hussie is an act of trolling or done with some sort of contempt towards the fans?

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    look at how much of a dick i was ahahaha and it funny because i was reblogging shit about how it doesn’t matter what...
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    He made a post about this and said that the kids never had a set race?????????????????? so???????????
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    Fer srs. LEAVE HUSSIE ALOOONNNEE~~~~ //gross sobbin’ ://// Can we just go back to being happy fans again??
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    Read the MSPA forum, you idiots. He did this because it was he thought it was pretty funny. Hussie gives NO FUCKS about...
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    ^ bless that comment. Seriously. Even though Hussie is a creator of a webcomic hit, don’t forget he’s still human too.
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    Ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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    You know I can understand why Hussie would do this… really, having a stupid and retarded fanbasse arguing like if they...
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    Jesus Christ. Why did this start? It’s bullshit that people are acting this way.
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    I’m pretty sure the person who posted this just thinks the changing of the word is pretty fucking funny as I do...