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My god, this update.

Rose and Dave being dead genuinely shocked me. I literally sat there for a few moments re-reading before it sunk in. Dirk also seems to say that they were never really raised by their guardians? Maybe the same way John was never raised by Nanna, and baby Nanna & Grandpa Harley were never raised by their adopted father(Colonel Sassacre)? Or maybe they died when they were young like with Jade.

Well if the alpha session didn’t have my interest piqued before it certainly does now. I’m sure all the guardians being dead before the session is part of the scratched session’s way to increase their chances at success. Probably so that they won’t become emotionally compromised during the game instead when their guardians die(like with Rose).

On a less serious note, I was waiting for a Roxy + Dirk conversation to help nourish my growing love for alpha OT4, and this update did not disappoint! One thing I have to say about each conversation between the kids is that you can tell how important they are to each other, and that they’re very close to each other individually as well as as a group. Especially with Roxy since she seems so desperate to be closer to her friends; though that may be part of her gaming mythology or whatever since she’s the hero of void?

And it seems that Dick may be gay, but he doesn’t want to talk about it? Or what he sayings seems to be that because the earth and its population will be destroyed soon that it doesn’t matter what he’s attracted to at this point. It also may insinuate he’s not attracted to any of his friends or that he’s resigned himself to being with one of the girls for procreation purposes???? I dunno, but he really seems a lot like Rose in that way he uses purple prose and wit to dodge personal issues.

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