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— aaaagh, shipper feelings!

Dang, Jane, dang, you’re killing me here. This is like the worst scenario for shipping; no one can blame Jake for being oblivious or Dirk for getting to him first, this was all on you Jane. U_U And worse yet, the situation seems pretty unsalvageable.

Though I’m not sure if it’ll work on Dirk’s end either. Jake is nice for being open to it, but he seems to be doing it more out of obligation(?). Like, in shows where a girl dates her male friend, or vice-versa, simply because they’ve been good friends and she knows he like her. Or at least the fact that he’s going into this relationship with “resignation” is not a very good thing. :/ Or maybe I’m wrong and he really does like Dirk, but just sucks at describing how he feels.

And I’m kinda hoping this leads to a freakout on Dirk’s part. He’s a guy who wants to be in control of everything, and if something unexpected happens then he adjusts the situation to suit it to his own terms(like with killing HB). So I’m hoping Jake pulls the same stunt as with Jane, and starts the confession convo first, thus leading Dirk to not know how to handle it AT ALL.

And if that happens I hope it’ll either lead to A) Dirk giving the same “NO I DON”T LIKE YOU” response as Jane thus starting round 2 of the confession wars, or B) he’ll accept it all chill and be like “Yeah, cool, glad you feel the same” only with a thought bubble of him freaking out on the inside.

If it’s A then I think that means we’ll get more interaction with Jake and lil Mindfang(?). Okay, typing this made me feel better. Now I gotta finish my entries to polypacked!