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2 years ago
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— Korra season 1 finale

I was…..rather underwhelmed by it. I need to rant.

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2 years ago
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Since fans are covering the shipping agony of episode 5 in bulk, I wanna get some of my Korra feels out:

-Thank you Bryke, I was really worried but I think you handled this love triangle thing well.

-Now can we put an end to the in-universe romance and have an episode with Korra and Asami becoming bffs?

-Like, can Mako and Bolin get kidnapped and Korra and Asami get all Grand Theft Auto(Grand Bender Sato?) on some equalist tush and save their boys?

-I really hope they’ll have an episode that takes Bolin seriously. Even Sokka was taken seriously sometimes in ATLA. :(

-Really, when Mako and Korra kick ass in the ring it’s all “Woah-hoooh, lookit you Mr./Mrs. Hat Trick!” but when Bolin kicks ass in the ring it’s “Phew, at least we didn’t lose now lets move on to something else.” Wtf, is fandom the only place that appreciates Bolin?