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1 year ago
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1 year ago
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And finally Roxy! I’ll arrange them together when I decide on a background.
1 year ago
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Half-arsed doodle with less-arsed coloring of cotton candy and warm drinks.
1 year ago
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not quite a panel redraw.
1 year ago
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I started doodling these before the Act 6 act 4 update and lost motivation because I wanted to draw their new outfits. :(
2 years ago
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I did this cuz I wanted to draw my race headcanons for the alpha kids. I actually wanted to draw Roxy with dark hair because it reminds me of that 1960s look, but it should be light and I actually like fanart of Roxy with pink-dyed hair. :o
Sorry for the spam btw
2 years ago
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My god, this update.

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2 years ago
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Well duh! Why everyone doesn’t see this I have no idea. :P