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2 years ago
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Casually bringing this back
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omg, my comic!
2 years ago
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I love how the further along you read, the more obviously trollish it is.
2 years ago
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Well duh! Why everyone doesn’t see this I have no idea. :P
2 years ago
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They are all different, but they’re all her. I guess it’s the same with people. Everyone goes through different stages in their lives and in the end it’s all those things that make up who you are(?).
You can see it from the way from how ghost!Aradia was passive and simply did what the spirits told her to do, to soulbot!Aradia who was fed up with doing what others told her to do, to godtier!Aradia who’s determined to stay alive and has new hope that they can achieve some sort of victory.
They are all very different, though, so it’s a bit hard to grasp who she really is, but if it’s confusing I guess you could just see the current Aradia as the main one.
2 years ago
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Dang, those five minutes I spent on this sure payed off. lol XD