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1 year ago
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Hahaha :’) I actually shipped this since chapter 29 and I know Annie/Kat is probably gonna be endgame but I’ll enjoy this while I can.
1 year ago
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i just got home and


Hussie apologized and changed the the joke because he did think it was a big enough issue.

1 year ago
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Oh my fucking dickens, I’ve officially seen more people bitching and making stupid art about SJWs bitching about Jane having white skin than I’ve seen of anyone actually complaining about Jane having white skin.

I was really excited about this update too, but now I just feel agitated and want to avoid the fandom.

For all those people who get angry at SJWs for ruining everyone’s fun, how about you take a lesson from your own book.

1 year ago
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I was thinking this ever since Caliborn gave Jake his juju. When act 5 came out everyone came up with theories that Jake and Jane would become evil because of their associations with Lord English and the Condesce, but as the story went on the idea seemed more ridiculous.

But now Jake has willingly agreed to let Caliborn be his mentor, and accepted his juju, whatever it is. Jane has Calliope’s juju, and while in a very emotionally vulnerable state has put on her brainwashing tiaratop.

And the thing is, The Imperious Condescension HATES Lord English. Would if she plans to use Jane and the juju as a weapon against Lord English/Jake?

And Jake is trying to give Jane Caliborn’s juju. Caliborn says that inevitability falls in his favor, so would if Jane receiving both Caliborn and Calliope’s jujus + getting brainwashed is part of this? Jane baby, noooo. :C

1 year ago
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nothing in homestuck has ever made me as sad as this

1 year ago
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Y’know Jake

I think abandoning your loved ones for indefinite periods of time with no warning or fanfare is a bad habit of yours

and telling them you believe in them all the time doesn’t make it hurt less, or you less of a jerk for it. :\

1 year ago
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Hoo boy.

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1 year ago
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I wanna draw more of her later, but I had to get at least a doodle out of my system for now.
2 years ago
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2 years ago
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— oh John